Tuesday, 25 March 2014

No poo for you

I was driving home the other day and I pulled up to the traffic lights to find I was behind a truck with the signage "no poo for you" on the back. As I read the advertising I was trying to work out what exactly this service was offering. There was a web site, so when I got home I looked it up to find it was exactly what I thought. It was a service that came to your house to pick up the "poos" in your backyard, so you didn't have to. I just couldn't believe that we have come to a place where we aren't even willing to pick up the poo In our backyards, even though they are our dogs and our responsibility. If that wasn't bad enough the website wording continued to astound me.
It was entitled "Give me your poo".  The description went on to explain, "If picking up poo is not for you, then let me tell you what to do, call me and see if I can be of help to you,  I'll pick up your poo. It continued on to say " set the trend, be the first on your street and see how envious the neighbours are as you sit on the deck with a cuppa or a glass of bubbly while they search for deposits."

Then just when I thought I had read enough, it went on to ask If I wanted more ?
The website went on to explain how they were was also willing to come and take your "pensioner pants" and your "disposable baby nappies" as well as part of an extra service.
Now as enterprising as this is.....and I don't mean to put this companies initiative down, but I couldn't help but wonder what our society and culture has come to, or more to the point where will it end!
We seem to want all the joys of having a pet without any of the inevitable yucky stuff that comes with caring for an animal. And let's be honest it doesn't stop there. Basically we outsource as many things as we can, whether it be our cleaning, our children's education, our child care, the cooking, our shopping, dare I say, the spiritual education of our children.
I can see how this service Is helpful for the elderly or when you go away on holidays, but it says a lot about our society when we are too busy to clean up our beloved pets "poo". Let's face it, life is filled with poo. We don't like it, but it IS a part of life and it is often the yucky things that shape our character the most.
For many children having a pet is one of the first places where they get to learn some really important things about life and death. What are we teaching our children about life and the challenges of caring for someone else, when even the basic levels of looking after a pet is being outsourced to someone else.
What are preparing them for? What are we preparing ourselves for?
I would love to live in a world where "there is no poo for you!" But I am sorry,  we will just not experience that, this side of heaven. In the meantime if we spend our lives here on earth avoiding the POO, I fear we will not learn what it means to REALLY live.
What ever happened to "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" A bit of poo will not kill you, but it will be build character. We need to be willing to do whatever needs to be done in any relationship or task, knowing that there will be good and bad as a part of the package. This is one of the greatest lessons we can teach and model to our children, because believe me as we grow up, picking up dog's poo will be least of our challenges.